Abbreviations Frequently Encountered

(shortened forms of spoken words or written symbols, or phrases, used chiefly in writing to represent the complete forms)

N.B., nota bene
take careful note
no date
non obs., non obstante
not withstanding
non seq., non sequitur
it does not follow
ob., obiit
op. cit., opere citato
in the work cited
PPS, post postscriptum
a later postscript
pro tem., pro tempore
for the time being
prox., proximo
for the time being
PS, postscriptum
Q.E.D., quod erat demonstrandum
which was to be demonstrated
q.v., quod vide
which see
R.I.P., requiescat in pace
may he/she rest in peace

The plural form of this final thought is requiescant in pace, "may they rest in peace". The abbreviation for both the singular and the plural is R.I.P.

ult., ultimo
last month
ut sup., ut supra
as above

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