New Words

(these words have become a part of the English language over recent years)

air quotes
A gesture made by raising and flexing the index and middle fingers of both hands which is used as quotation marks used to call special attention to a spoken word or expression.
To make a kissing gesture at someone without touching.
A collective term for all of the blogs existing on the internet.
Someone, or something, that has a depressing or negative effect on someone.
A reference to terrorist activities intended to damage, to destroy, or to disrupt vital computer systems.
dark energy
Any hypothetical form of energy which produces a force that opposes gravity and is thought to be the cause of the accelerating expansion of the universe.
data mining
The practice of searching through large amounts of computerized data to find useful patterns or trends.

It is a system of data processing using sophisticated data search capabilities and statistical algorithms to discover patterns and correlations in large preexisting databases; a way to discover new meanings in data.

Data mining is about finding new information within existing data. Patterns, relationships, correlations, and dependencies are located by analyzing data using a variety of tools and techniques.

Data mining has grown in popularity as computers and software have become available to handle the task.

A documentary that is telecast in a series of programs.
dwarf planet
A celestial body that orbits the sun and has a spherical shape but is not large enough to disturb other objects from its orbit.
Immature green soybeans usually in the pod.
A boy who is an enthusiastic devotee of something; such as, of comics, movies, computer games, sports, etc.
The ability to understand, use, or to generate graphic images; such as, maps and diagrams.
infinity pool
An outdoor swimming pool having an edge over which water flows into a trough but seems to flow to the horizon.
The sport of riding on a small surfboard that is propelled across water by a large kite to which the rider is harnessed.
Software designed to interfere with a computer's normal functioning.