Vocabulary Quizzes to Enhance Your Word Knowledge

(increase your vocabulary skills by practicing with these word challenges)

Self-scoring random vocabulary quizzes and tests. Hundreds of self-scoring, randomly-mixed vocabulary quizzes that are presented one word-challenge at a time so you can significantly expand your word skills.

  1. Examine the word and click on what you consider to be the correct answer for each word and the results of your choice will be indicated.
  2. The total randomized, or mixed, series of words and answers will keep the total running scores after you choose each answer.
  3. First, you will be presented with the easiest questions and then advance to more difficult questions and in addition, you will see the results of your choices which will indicate whether you have the accurate choice plus any relevant information that will help you learn more about the word so you can actually enhance your word knowledge.
  4. On each of the response pages, you will find a link to the next question.
  5. This exercise format contains the total of all of the questions and answers that are produced in the random quiz and the category/subcategory (group) activities.

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English vocabulary quizzes in random order from easy to more difficult for greater word skills.