Medical Orientation Words with Reference to the Body

(there are certain anatomic terms which present various situations; for example, a body part may be horizontal, as opposed to vertical; in front as opposed to being behind or at the back; above as opposed to being under, etc.)

Toward the left or right side of the body, as opposed to the medial or "middle" of the body.
In the middle or inside the body, as opposed to lateral or the left or right side of the body.
An imaginary line that goes down the middle of the body or a body part.
muscle groups quiz

Medical questions about the locations of specified muscle groups

Where is the triceps brachii located? In the arm.

How about the tibialis anterior? The leg.

And the latissimus dorsi? In the back.

Finally, how about the gluteus maximus? It took long enough, but we are at the end!*

*The outermost part of the three large gluteus muscles that form each buttock in humans.
—Based on the cartoon
"Frank & Ernest" by Bob Thaves as shown on July 19, 2009.
The back or behind, as opposed to the anterior or front of the body.
posteroanterior, PA
From the back to the front, as opposed to anteroposterior or from the front to the back.
The rotation of the forearm and hand so that the palm is down (or a similar movement of the foot and leg, with the sole down), as opposed to supination.
With the front or ventral surface downward (lying face down), as opposed to supine.
1. Toward the beginning, as opposed to distal or farther from the beginning.
2. Closest with reference to the body.
A vertical plane that passes through the standing body from front to the back; for example, the midsaggital, or median, plane splits the body into left and right halves.
On the surface or the shallow, as opposed to deep.
Above, as opposed to inferior or below.
Rotation of the forearm and hand so that the palm is upward (or similar movement of the foot and the leg, with the sole upward), as opposed to pronation.
With the back or dorsal surface downward (lying face up), as opposed to prone or with the front surface downward.
a horizontal plane that passes through the standing body parallel to the ground.

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