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(economics involves business and financial activities that show how people choose to use their limited resources (land, labor, and capital goods) to produce, exchange, and to consume goods and services)

A tightened economy characterized by shortages.
A national policy of self-sufficiency, including elimination of imports.
The replacement of human laborers with machines; especially, self-regulating machines and computers.
balance of payments
A periodic summary of difference between a nation's total payments to foreign countries and its receipts from them.
balance of trade
The difference in value between a nation's imports and its exports.
balanced budget
Spending equal to revenue; especially, in government.
The inability to pay one's debts or legal insolvency.
Measures to reduce expenditures, cut costs, and to eliminate deficits.
A source of great wealth or profits.
High level of economic activity period of business expansion.
boondoggle (s) (noun), boondoggles (pl)
A government project of little practical value funded to gain political favor: Critics say the dam project is a complete boondoggle because it is over budget, behind schedule, and unnecessary.

There are those who say that a boondoggle is often a wasteful or pointless business venture or a useless government program.

A wasteful and unnecessary project.
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bottom out
To level out at a low point in a business cycle.
1. An affluent middle-class people characterized as conventional, conservative, or materialistic in outlook.
2. The social class that, according to Marxist theory, owns the means of producing wealth and is regarded as exploiting the working class.
boycott (verb), boycotts; boycotted; boycotting
1. To cease or to refuse to deal with something; such as, an organization, a company, or a process, as a protest against it or as an effort to force it to become more acceptable to those who are dealing with it: Many people in the city have been boycotting the busses because of their inefficient services.
2. To refuse to trade with a business, a person, or a nation as punishment or a means of persuasion: The leaders of a certain country say they will boycott the products of companies that are polluting the environment.
To abstain frm using, buying, or dealing with, as a protest.
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