Graveyard words for a greater understanding of epitaphs

(when visiting old graveyards and examining the epitaphs on gravestones, there are certain words and phrases which could be difficult or impossible to understand without knowing what the words in this unit mean)

Dominus vobiscum.
The Lord be with you.
Durante vita.
During life.
Elapso tempore.
The time having passed.
Errare humanum est.
To err is human.
Et sequentes (sequentia).
And those that follow.
Et sic de caeteris.
And so of the rest.
Ex nihilo nihil fit.
Out of nothing, nothing is made.
Nothing comes from nothing.
Ex voto.
According to one's wishes.
Faber suae fortunae.
A self-made man.
Family Member: Amita
Family Member: Avia
Family Member: Avus
Family Member: Consobrina
Cousin (feminine)
Family Member: Consobrinus
Cousin (masculine)
Family Member: Femina

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