Graveyard words for a greater understanding of epitaphs

(when visiting old graveyards and examining the epitaphs on gravestones, there are certain words and phrases which could be difficult or impossible to understand without knowing what the words in this unit mean)

Favete linguis.
Keep silence.
Made it.
Executed it.
Fidei defensor.
Defender of the faith.
Filius nullius.
A son of nobody.
Filius terrae.
A son of he soil.
Gloria patri.
Glory be to the Father.
Hac voce.
Under this word, or phrase.
Haec olim meminisse juvabit.
It will be pleasant hereafter to remember these things.
Hic jacet.
Here lies [followed by a name].
Hoc nomine.
In this name.
In articulo mortis.
At the point of death.
In facie ecclesiae.
Before the church.
In futuro.
In memoriam.
In memory of [followed by a name].
In nomine Domini.
In the name of the Lord . . .

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