Graveyard words for a greater understanding of epitaphs

(when visiting old graveyards and examining the epitaphs on gravestones, there are certain words and phrases which could be difficult or impossible to understand without knowing what the words in this unit mean)

In perpetuum.
For ever.
In secula seculorum.
For ever and ever.
Jubilate Deo.
Praise to God.
Laus Deo.
Praise to God.
Menumentum aere perennius.
A monument more lasting than brass.
Mors omnibus communis.
Death is common to all.
Natus est.
Was born.
Pace tua.
By your leave.
Requiescat in pace (s), Requiescant in pace (pl); R.I.P.
May he/she rest in peace.(s)
May they rest in peace. (pl)
Scripta litera manet.
The written word remains.
Sic transit gloria mundi.
Thus passes away the glory of this world.
Taedium vitae.
Weariness of life.
Tempus fugit.
Time flies.
Ubi supra.
Where above mentioned.

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