Units of Special Compositions, Topics, or Subjects That Provide Special Information

(knowledge about special topics that enhance a person's understanding about certain words)

This listing includes groups of words that have special content or topical essays regarding some vocabulary specialties.

Apollo, god of the Sun, words from myths
The Sun god who brings life-giving heat and light to Earth unit.
Arena: Blood, Sweat, and Cheers; Part 1 of 2
Latin: harena, "sand" or "arena" in English, became the general term for "shows" and now it refers more to "sports", etc. unit.
The supposed "science" of the stars, anciently equivalent to astronomy, which was known as natural astrology, and used to predict such natural events as eclipses, the date of Easter, and meteorological phenomena unit.
Understanding astronomical phenomena in terms of the laws of physics unit.
Autism Explained
Also known as pervasive developmental disorder unit.
Autistic Savants
Formerly termed idiot savants unit.
Barber History
A short history about the profession of barbers unit.
Using an instrument to detect photoluminescent signals in marine environments unit.
Beards: Historical Presentation
The bearded races of mankind have commonly held the beard in high honor unit.
Benthos Addendum
Fauna (animals) and flora (plants) at the bottom of the sea unit.
Old Norse: berserkar, literally, “bear’s skin”; a Norse-myth warrior unit.
An uncontrollable desire to take books based on a strong fondness for them unit.
Biomechatronics Research and Development
Combining "biology", "mechanics", and "electronics" unit.
Biometrics: Index of Units
Units which explain the various aspects of biometrics unit.
Biomimetics: Index of Natural Imitations
The production of natural-life mimics unit.

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