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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

A remark or comment that is boring or very ordinary; an uninteresting statement. (1)
Something that causes trouble, annoyance, or unhappiness. (1)
A very small and slow moving river that meanders through low areas of land; such as, marshes or farmland. (1)
To influence with flattery, to lead astray, to deceive, or to trick others into doing something by charming them. (3)
Someone who is witty, intelligent, and with a gifted mind. (1)
To give a false idea or statement about something, or to conceal the truth with lies. (2)
Warlike in behavior or temperament; fond of fighting, contentious, quarrelsome. (2)
Relating to the promotion of happiness and well being for others; conveying charitable feelings. (3)
To bawl out, reprimand, castigate, or to severely criticize someone for doing what is considered etremely wrong by another person. (3)
Wild, mad, and violently destructive. (1)
An object of aversion or the dread of a person's existence. (1)
The very strong, or excessive, desire to own many books. (1)
Very enthusiastic readers who are sometimes called "book worms". (1)
Anyone who is very fond of books for reading and/or as a collector of such publications. (2)
Anyone who has strong beliefs about politics, religion, etc. and who refuses to accept any conflicting views that are different.

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