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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

The strong disapproval or dislike of someone or something which is considered undeserving of respect; a feeling of contempt or hatred for anything or anyone that is considered unworthy or scornful. (3)
To upset or to make someone very disturbed. (2)
To cause people to realize that an idea which they have is false or that a belief is wrong. (3)
Conveying a deception of being honest and sincere when the person is really being crafty, insincere, or dishonest. (1)
To throw into disorder, to disconcert, or to perplex a person or people. (1)
To speak of in a disrespectful way about anyone or anything; to belittle or to lower in quality. (2)
A reference to something that is undervalued, deprecated, or considered insignificant. (1)
A reference to people or things that are entirely different in quality or kind from each other. (2)
That which is very different or unequal, as in age, rank, character, or kind. (1)
A kind of permission to break a law or an official promise that has been made; or to be released from some kind of rule, vow, or oath. (1)
Depressed, discouraged, and showing a feeling of unhappiness. (1)
To enjoy being playful or to take part in pleasurable activities. (1)
Verbal controversy or arguments and disagreements. (3)
Referring to a situation that causes someone to be very worried or nervous about something. (1)
Opinions that are not in agreement with each other or disputes about issues which can result in arguing or quarreling. (1)

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