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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

A reference to being very quiet and thoughtful about something that is serious or sad. (2)
Referring to someone who is disloyal and treacherous even though he or she is supposed to be a trusted friend. (2)
A treachery or a deceitful violation of trust that one has for another person. (1)
A reference to causing great harm, destruction, or death; name calling. (4)
To commit an illegal or immoral act; such as, some kind of a crime, a fraud, or a dirty trick. (2)
Full of doubt or puzzlement; anything that is hard to understand or which is confusing and bewildering. (1)
A special right or privilege that is enjoyed as a result of one's position. (2)
Stubbornly determined to continue doing something despite any problems or difficulties. (1)
Descriptive of doing something wrong or unacceptable and not doing what is considered proper as far as what other people think. (1)
Descriptive of someone who is obstinate or not willing to be reasonable and to change his or her ideas, plans, or behavior. (1)
A person who is described as someone who observes the formalities of a religion, but who neglects the spirit of his or her religious beliefs; hypocritical. (1)
Someone who is particularly desirous of, and devoted to, honesty at all times. (1)
Characteristic of being unselfish, considerate of, and compassionate for others who are in need of help. (2)
Generosity and compassion for people; especially, for those who need to be helped. (1)
Someone who has a hobby of accumulating and organizing small adhesive mailing labels that deliver envelopes and packages to addresses of people and organizations. (2)

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