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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Relating to a fondness for music and societies that promote musical presentations. (1)
A person who has a special passion for playing with six-sided squares that have from 1 to 6 dots on each cube. (1)
Someone who has a high regard for and confidence that his or her personal beliefs are more accurate and worthy of consideration than those of any other person. (1)
Pertaining to having many offspring and loving all of them very much and other children as well. (1)
Relating to being calm and rational even during a very difficult situation. (1)
To think or to speculate about serious issues of life. (1)
Descriptive of someone who loves and displays affections for animals. (1)
Pertaining to anything that is trivial, unimportant, of slight value, or worthless. (3)
1. To expose to public ridicule or insults.
2. To openly criticize someone in a very harsh or strong way. (1)
To calm someone and to make someone less angry or upset; usually, by doing or saying something to please him or her. (2)
To greatly annoy, to worry, to afflict, or to greatly torment someone. (1)
Someone who complains legally about another person, or something, in a court of law. (1)
Pertaining to sadness or mournfulness which is often expressed with sorrowful crying. (1)
The use of more words than are needed to express a response, an idea, or a thought. (3)
To drop or to decline sharply, steeply, and suddenly straight down. (1)

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