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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

A person who has strong influence or power because of his or her wealth. (1)
The scientific study of wealth including the politics of the rich. (1)
1. A kind of insanity in which people imagine or delude themselves into thinking that they possess great wealth.
2. An insane fondness for or desire to accumulate wealth. (1)
Characterized by or pertaining to a lot of rain. (2)
Descriptive of being deeply moving or very touching and emotional. (2)
Having self-composure and maintaining calmness even under difficult conditions or during bad situations. (2)
Controversial arguments or opposing views during a discussion. (3)
A reference to being clever, crafty, and shrewd; such as, a politic politician. (2)
1. A condition or situation that is not clean.
2. An environment that is contaminated with harmful substances. (1)
Descriptive of a person who is capable of reading, writing, or speaking many languages. (2)
Someone who is of great and varied learning; an erudite or a person who has or shows profound learning. (1)
Pertaining to all forms of life which assume different characteristics, shapes, or styles at different times in their existence. (1)
Conveying slowness and lumbering; exhaustive. (1)
A pretender or who tries to assume some kind of behavior or style of conduct to impress or to influence other people. (1)
The way in which a person arranges his or her body when standing or sitting; an attitude or frame of mind that a person assumes. (1)

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