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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

To prolong, to lengthen in time, or to draw out. (2)
A reference to being unusually extended or prolonged; drawn out. (1)
Preparing for or getting ready for future needs or something that might happen. (1)
A document that has a clause providing for a qualification, a condition, or some kind of restriction. (2)
Someone who is excessively concerned about proper behavior and who is easily upset or offended by things which generally don't bother other people; however, such a person who is so overly proper often annoys others by the way he or she behaves, speaks, or dresses. (1)
Having good sense in dealing with practical matters; using good judgment to consider the possible consequences of doing the wrong thing and to act accordingly. (1)
A false or fictitious name; sometimes a pen name used by writers. (2)
Characteristic of having a quarrelsome or combative disposition; being belligerent. (2)
A desire to start an argument or a fight. (1)
puissance (no plural)
The power to influence or to coerce. (1)
Powerful or very strong. (2)
A reference to having great stamina and being physically powerful. (1)
Relating to being definite, strict, exact, and precise. (2)
An expert who knows a great deal about certain subjects and who makes statements; especially, in an authoritative way. (1)
Relating to the powerful and intense smell or taste of something. (1)

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