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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Relating to being involved in, fascinated by, or concentrated on something to the exclusion of everything else; deeply engrossed or absorbed. (2)
To vote for or to approve a treaty, legislative bill, etc. (1)
The process of logical, exact, and methodical reasoning. (2)
Conveying a strong desire for food or being extremely hungry. (1)
To take back a statement, belief, or a promise; to change one's mind. (2)
To summarize the main ideas; to briefly repeat or to restate something. (1)
Someone who persists or perseveres in criminal acts. (1)
Anyone who lives in seclusion; such as, a hermit. (2)
Verbal attacks by someone who accuses or criticizes another person, or group of people, for causing an unacceptable situation to exist. (1)
A reference to the refusal of any creature, human or animal, to conform to an authority or to follow instructions by someone. (1)
Descriptive of being worthy of honor or respect for something that causes great fear or respect; being very powerful. (3)
The use of more words than are necessary to express ideas; superfluous. (1)
To say or to repeat something several times. (1)
To talk or to think about situations that a person remembers happening before. (2)

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