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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Especially noticeable, conspicuous, prominent, and relevant for a situation. (2)
Moving around by leaps or abrupt propulsion rather than by smooth gradual transitions. (1)
Composure, calmness; especially, in a dangerous or stressful circumstances. (2)
A person who strives to find and then to publish slander or gossip; especially, about well-known people. (1)
A split, a division, or a separation between opposing groups or individuals which is caused by differences of beliefs or opinions. (1)
A tiny, minute, or scarcely detectable amount. (2)
A pretension of knowing a great deal about something while actually only having deceptive information which is designed to deceive or to impress others. (1)
To examine or to study in a very detailed way. (1)
A meeting place where people are supposed to receive messages from the spirits of those who have died. (2)
To make a place very private by isolating it from everyone else. (1)
To conceal ot to put into a place that is not available for anyone else to see or know about. (2)
A reference to something that is going on, or being planned, and not letting others know about it. (1)
Pertaining to a peaceful and quiet environment without excitement or any significant activities. (1)
Anything that has a tranquilizing or calming effect and minimizes irritation or pain. (1)
Characteristic of continually sitting and not moving around. (2)

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