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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

To harm the reputation of someone through false and malicious statements; to expose to contempt or to shame with slander. (2)
To go above, to excel, to exceed, or to go beyond what is normally expected. (2)
A reference to someone who exceeds normal comprehension and who conveys superior ideas or concepts. (1)
Variations or alterations that take place between certain situations to different ones whether better or worse. (1)
Enduring, existing, or lasting for a short time; neither permanent nor eternal. (2)
Alterations or multiple changes of one's mind before a final determination has been achieved. (1)
To enrapture, charm, or delight someone with great pleasure and happiness. (1)
To dress like those of the opposite gender; such as, men clothed like women or females wearing outfits as if they were men. (1)
An exaggerated representation of something; a farce, a ludicrous imitation; such as, a court case that makes a mockery of the legal system. (2)
Relating to something that is worn out by constant use; common place and stale. (1)
Puny, meager, nonessential, or insignificant issues. (2)
Usually a prehistoric cave dweller or a race of people who lived in caves, dens, or holes; someone whose thinking or behavior is considered to be uncivilized and backward. (2)
Relating to pugnacious, hostile, cruel, savage, or harsh behavior. (2)
Worthless finery, trash; showy but useless or trivial articles. (2)
A decision to come together at a previously arranged meeting place. (3)

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