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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

To talk about one's achievements or successes in a self-praising way; to boast, to brag. (1)
Describing a negative reaction to something which uses great force and anger or is strongly emotional, intense, and passionate. (3)
A reference to, employed in, or used for hunting to achieve one's desire. (2)
An extended bitter feud, disagreement, or quarrel resulting in hostility or hatred. (2)
Infliction of punishment on another person in return for a wrong that he or she committed; retribution. (1)
Descriptive of being competent in doing a variety of things. (2)
A report or variation of something that is different from what someone or anything else has presented. (1)
Descriptive of something that causes or is likely to cause dizziness and disorientation; especially, because of great heights. (3)
Evidence that something was present in the past, but is gone now or has disappeared. (2)
To exasperate, to provoke, or to torment someone. (1)
A condition in which a person is being mentally troubled or distressed by something. (1)
Descriptive of someone who is being annoying, troublesome, or harassing another person. (2)
Throbbing with energy and vigor; a lively condition. (1)
To swindle or to cheat someone out of money or to cause physical harm to a another person or to people. (2)
A reference to being very wary and watchful in order to guard against danger, difficulties, or mistakes. (1)

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