Words of French origin

(Many words from French are used in English)

picnic (s) (noun), picnics (pl)
1. A casual or informal meal prepared to be eaten and served outdoors: At the end of the school year, the students planned a picnic with lots of cheese and meat sandwiches in the city park.
2. Etymology: from French piquenique, "a social gathering in which each participant contributes a share of the provisions."
pompon, pompom, pom-pom (s) (noun); pompons, pompoms, pom-poms (pl)
1. A decorative ball, typically of wool strands, often attached to the top of a hat: After knitting a warm hat,Barbara used the last of the yarn to make a pompon to enhance the charm of the item.
2. An unattractively gray-coloured food fish frequently found in the waters of the southern states of the United States: The medium-sized pompon was caught and sold in the dockside markets of the village in Florida.
poplin (s) (noun), poplins (pl)
A sturdy, well-wearing fabric, frequently of cotton, used to to make children's clothing, upholstery for furniture, or curtains for windows: Carol's grandmother, who was a seamstress, often used poplin to make the play outfits for her young clients.
premiere (s) (noun), premieres (pl)
The fist performance or appearance of an artistic work: The Ralphs attended the premiere of the new film by the Italian director.
premiere (verb), premieres; premiered; premiering
To show or exhibit for the first time: Mathew's new play will premiere in the evening and two of his friends are attending.
protein (s) (noun), proteins (pl)
A complex of various substances, e.g. carbon and oxygen, which are found in essential foods for the body: Dr. Hawes studied the nutrition chart so she could recommend items high in different proteins to her patient.
Quiche (s) (noun), Quiches (pl)
A member of the Indigenous Mayan people native to several Central American countries: Jose traced his ancestry to the Quiche who lived in the same part of Guatemala where his grandfather had resided.
quiche (s) (noun), quiches (pl)
A single crust pie or pastry filled with a mixture of eggs, cheese and a savoury filling, such as spinach: Marjorie specialised in making quiches for the restaurant where she worked.
ragout (s) (noun), ragouts (pl)
A hearty meal prepared by cooking meat and vegetables together in a well-seasoned stew: The campers enjoyed a ragout, a type of stew, after their 3 hour hike in the forest.
ragout (verb), ragouts; ragouted; ragouting
To make or create a cooked mixture of meat and produce from the garden: Poncho, the cook for the safari, started to ragout for the evening meal in the midafternoon, to ensure a long, slow cooking process.
rappel (s) (noun), rappels (pl)
The act of safely coming down from a height and on a complicated surface, using special gear and a thick rope: The hikers planned their rappel for early morning when the air was cool and the light was clear.
rappel (verb), rappels; rappelled, rappeled; rappelling, rappeling
To descend a mountain or steep climbing surface by using a rope and specialised shoes: The hikers were rappelling down the mountain, hoping to reach the valley floor before nightfall.
rapport (s) (noun), reports (pl)
A positive, harmonious relationship among colleagues or friends: The rapport associated with the teachers was obvious to the students who attended the school.
rapprochement (s) (noun), rapprochements (pl)
1. An establishment or renewal of friendly relations between countries or groups of people who have been enemies: The government officials are striving to have rapprochements for the near future.

Jim and Jane went to a marriage counselor in order to restore their rapprochement with each other.

2. Etymology: from French rapprochement, "reunion, reconciliation" from rapprocher, "bring near" from re-, "back, again" + aprochier, "to approach."
Cordial relations.
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Restoration of getting along.
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recruit (s) (noun), recruits (pl)
A person who is newly hired by a business or workplace: The fresh recruits attended a meeting with the company president on their first day of employment.

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