cate family of verbs

(words that end with cate and are pronounced KAYT)

The etymology of cate does not come from Latin or Greek, or from any other language, because it is always a part of other word roots or stems and does not exist by itself . . . except in this unit.

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eradicate (i RAD i kayt")
So, this cate is clarifying efforts to completely delete or to utterly remove something from a particular place or situation.
excommunicate (eks" kuh MYOO ni kayt")
This particular cate has significant implications of loss or rejection in a religious context; as well as, membership in other types of organizations or groups; such as, someone can be expelled from a political party.
explicate (EK spli kayt")
Now this cate is presenting an easy to understand process that is applicable to better communication with other people.
extricate (EK stri kayt")
Here is an explanation by cate about being freed from a difficult or an undesirable situation.
fabricate (FAHB ri kayt")
Another clarification by cate about making up dishonest excuses or falsely compiling something to present to other people; sometimes, to construct something with different parts.
falsificate (fawl SI fuh kate")
Here is a cate that is not easy to find in dictionaries; however, it does exist, at least in this lexicon.
formicate (FOR mi kayt")
This cate shows the feelings that someone may have about insects crawling all over his or her body.
furcate (FUHR kayt")
Now, this cate is trying to explain how something is divided or split into different directions or sections.
hypothecate (high PAHTH uh kayt")
Now cate is explaining something about entering an agreement, providing a pledge, or putting up collateral for a financial loan.
imbricate (IM bri kayt")
This particular cate is making an effort to explain how things are overlapping in areas for surgery, houses with tiles on the rooftops, and in some plants and animals.
implicate (IM pli kayt")
This time cate shows that someone could possibly be part of some dishonest or criminal activity or to be falsely accused of such involvement.
imprecate (IM pri kayt")
A bad or unacceptable language is explained by these cate definitions.
inculcate (in KUHL kate")
In this presentation, cate is urging viewers to visit the contents of this unit often so they can learn more words and; as a result, enhance their vocabulary skills.
indicate (IN di kayt")
Here we have a cate that is expressing or suggesting something in a brief or quick way.
infuscate (IN fush kate")
This time cate is clarifying the actual meaning of this word.