cate family of verbs

(words that end with cate and are pronounced KAYT)

The etymology of cate does not come from Latin or Greek, or from any other language, because it is always a part of other word roots or stems and does not exist by itself . . . except in this unit.

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intercommunicate (in" tuhr kuh MYOO ni kayt")
This cate is showing that there can be an exchange of information, feelings, or thoughts by speech or writing between one person and another one or even within groups of people.
intoxicate (in TAHK si kayt")
Go to this cate, if you want to find out more about how toxics, or poisons, can affect living creatures.
locate (LOH kate", loh KATE)
In order to find something, or to know where it is situated, you need to go this cate.
lubricate (LOO bri kayt")
A process that is more universally recognized is presented by this cate to make things operate more efficiently with the use of oil in order to smooth the interconnected parts of machines.
manducate (MAN doo kayt")
This cate presents a rarely used term about chewing food when people and animals are eating their meals.
masticate (MAS ti kayt")
Another cate provides additional information about chewing food when people or animals are eating something.
medicate (MED i kayt")
To learn more about how to get well and feel better, go to this cate where the entries provide some information about medical treatments.
mendicate (MEN di kayt")
This cate involves acquiring or obtaining financial support from other people.
nidificate (ni DIF i kayt", NID uh fi kayt")
Now cate is presenting a variety of surprising references to bird's nests.
obfuscate (AHB fuhs kayt")
Various kinds of verbal confusion are presented by this cate.
placate (PLAY kayt", PLAK ayt")
On this occasion, cate is revealing how to reduce the intensity of the anger of someone; especially, by calming him or her peacefully.
prefabricate (pree FAB ri kayt")
This time cate will let you learn how some furniture and homes are constructed.
prevaricate (pri VAR i kayt")
This cate provides information about the process of intentionally avoid telling the truth or to lie.
prognosticate (prahg NAHS ti kayt")
In this cate, people will learn about the process of predicting what will happen in the future.
quadrifurcate (kwah dri FUHR kayt")
In this cate, people will learn about the division of something into four parts.