English Words in Action, Group R

(a variety of English words which have developed through history and are currently used in our modern age)

English vocabulary quizzes in random order from easy to more difficult for greater word skills.

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rumble strip (s) (noun), rumble strips (pl)
A set of grooves along the edge of a highway or across a road that cause noise and shaking when they are driven over and which are used to warn drivers that they need to slow down or that they are too close to the edge of a road: Suddenly, as Ralph and Rosetta were driving along the street last night, their car started to shake considerably because they were driving over a series of rumble strips.
rumbling (s) (noun), rumblings (pl)
1. A low, heavy, continuous sound or series of sounds: The rumbling of the thunder last night frightened Alan's cat and disturbed its sleep for quite awhile.
2. Written or spoken comments showing that people are unhappy about something: There have been several rumblings of revolutionary demonstrations in many Middle East countries.
ruthless (adjective), more ruthless, most ruthless
Descriptive of having no pity and being cruel, brutal, or merciless: The police are still looking for the ruthless killer of the family.

The journalist was ruthless with his negative criticism of the government.

ruthlessly (adverb), more ruthlessly, most ruthlessly
A reference to being heartless, callous, and vicious: The slaves were often ruthlessly abused by their owners.
ruthlessness (s) (noun) (no plural form)
A person or condition that is savage, deadly, and lacking compassion: The ruthlessness of wars has been recorded many times by historians.

So many brush and forest fires have shown nature's ruthlessness this year as they have destroyed hundreds of homes and even killed firefighters and animals.

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