Ant and Related Entomology Terms

(terms restricted to the study of social insects; such as, ants and words that apply generally to entomology)

A symbiont that is treated with indifference by the host colony.
tandem calling
The release of a pheromone by a leader ant that recruits a nest mate for tandem running.
tandem running
A form of communication, used by the workers of certain ant species during exploration or recruitment, in which one individual follows closely behind another ant, frequently contacting the abdomen of the leader with her antennae.
Touching with the tarsi; especially, the touching of another insect as a tactile signal.
The foot of an insect; the one-segmented to five-segmented appendage attached to the tibia, or lower leg segment.
Any taxonomic entity; such as, a particular species or genus.
temporary social parasitism
Parasitism in which a queen of one species enters an alien nest, usually belonging to another species, kills or renders the resident queen infertile, and takes her place.

The population of the colony then becomes increasingly dominated by the offspring of the parasite queen as the host workers die from natural causes.

A reference to the dorsal (upper) surface.
A dorsal sclerite; in other words, a portion of the body wall bounded by sutures and located in a dorsal position.
A termite nest.

Also, an artificial nest used in the laboratory to house termites.

The scientific study of termites.
An organism that must spend at least part of its life cycle with termite colonies.
territorial pheromone
A substance deposited on or around the nest that is colony specific or species specific and aids in the exclusion of alien colonies.
An area occupied more or less exclusively by an animal or group of animals; such as, an ant colony, by means of repulsion through overt defense or aggressive advertisement.
The production of females from unfertilized eggs.

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