Science and Technology Words from the Ancient Past to the Present, Part 1

(terms appearing in some "scientific" areas from about 2000 B.C. to 1799 A.D.)

movable-type printing
A process in which a printer used precast pieces of type, representing letters and other symbols, which were inserted into a frame and used to print documents, books, etc.
Neolithic Revolution
A term describing a series of changes that occurred between about twenty thousand and six thousand years ago, when humans started to produce much more sophisticated, polished tools, as well as pottery and woven materials.
number theory
The study of the properties of numbers, and the relationships between them.
The belief that numbers have special meanings of a spiritual nature, and can be used to predict the future.
The branch of medicine concerned with childbirth.
The study of light and vision.
A branch of medical science concerned with medicines (medical drugs).
The area of study that seeks to provide a general understandintg of reality.
An area of the physical sciences that is concerned with matter, energy, and the interactions between them.
The scientific study of the functions, activities, and processes of living things.
Anything that existed before the development of written language.
A prediction regarding the course and outcome of a disease based upon previous observation of similar cases.
Someone who falsely claims to possess medical skill and the ability to provide proper treatment.
The isolation or separation of people or items in order to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.
A religious movement in the 1500s that ultimately led to the rejection of Roman Catholicism by various groups and the formation of Protestant and other religious denominations.

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