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abase (uh BAYS) (verb), abases; abased; abasing
1. To become humble, to degrade, or to bring low: The Bible says that the person who is overly proud of his or her accomplishments will be abased or demeaned.
2. To bring down to size, to humiliate, or to disgrace: Emily's political opponent was abasing her perceived successful years in office.
3. To behave in such a way as to make oneself seem less deserving of respect: The two political candidates were insulting and abasing each other on TV, in newspapers, and on the radio.
4. Etymology: from Late Latin bassus, "low".

To humble or to humiliate.
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To lower in rank, esteem, or prestige.
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To make an opponent lower in prestige, to humble or to humiliate him or her. (2)