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alacrity (s) (noun), alacrities (pl)
1. A quick and cheerful readiness to do something: Floy and Renate prepared for their European trip with alacrity.
2. Promptness or eagerness and speedy readiness to respond to something: Bryan answered the call for assistance from his supervisor with alacrity.
3. Agility and nimbleness: Despite Mike's advanced age, he moved around with alacrity.
4. Etymology: from Latin alacritatem, alacritas, "liveliness, ardor, eagerness"; from alacer, alacris, "cheerful, brisk, lively"; of uncertain origin.
Eager willingness to do something.
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Very enthusiastic to accept a date.
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A cheerful greeting.
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Eager willingness or cheerful readiness to do something. (3)