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bigoted (adjective), more bigoted, most bigoted
Relating to strong and unfair dislikes of other people who have different ideas: Jenny had a bigoted opinion about the new neighbor who just came from China.
Descriptive of someone who has prejudicial and intolerant views.
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A reference to someone who can not tolerate opposing beliefs or opinions. (1)
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biased, biased, bigoted, intolerant, prejudiced
biased (BIGH uhs't) (verb)
A prejudiced outlook or perception of something or someone: Gilbert's opinion was biased by the books he had read about the achievements of men who were dominating the administrative positions in politics.
biased (BIGH uhs't) (adjective)
In statistics, a tendency to yield one outcome more frequently in a statistical exercise: The outcome of the research appeared to be biased, based on the teacher’s review of the statistics.
bigoted (BIG uh tid) (adjective)
Stubborn or intolerant adherence to one’s opinions or perceptions or prejudices: The old farmer maintained a bigoted position about hiring foreigners to work on his farm.
intolerant (in TOL uhr uhnt) (adjective)
Related to an unwillingness to ensure that others have equal rights; for example, in religions, politics, or professions: The company appeared to be intolerant of the same treatment for women in higher bureaucratic positions as it was for men.
prejudiced (PREJ uh dis) (adjective)
An irrational attitude or judgment or action that is based on incomplete information or without just grounds or a biased strong personal opinion: Much of the violence that was observed in the county was the result of prejudiced behavior of the residents.

Laura's prejudiced attitude appeared to be intolerant of the new neighbors because she said they seemed to have a bigoted idea of what being a friendly neighbor involved.

During the conversation, Brad admitted that his feelings about the new neighbors are probably biased, because he really liked his former neighbors much more.