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camouflage (s) (noun), camouflages (pl)
1. A method used to hide something by painting it or covering it with leaves or branches to make it harder for others to see: The army tanks and other vehicles were painted brown and green for camouflage so enemy troops could not catch sight of them.
2. Something that protects an animal from attack by making the creature difficult to see in its environment: Some rabbits have white fur which functions as camouflage in the snow.
3. A behavior which is meant to hide something or to convince others of something that is not true: Herb's strong attitude functioned as camouflage for his insecurity.
4. Etymology: from French camoufier, "to disguise"; which came from Italian camuffare, "to trick, to disguise"; a contraction of capo muffare, "to make sounds quieter by covering the head".
A procedure used to conceal people or things by making them appear to be a part of some natural surrounding.
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camouflage (verb), camouflages; camouflaged; camouflaging
To conceal something by making it harder to see or to detect: The business man tried to camouflage the negative economic conditions of his company so investors would not be aware of the real facts.
This entry is located in the following unit: Words of French origin (page 2)
A way of hiding people or things so they can't be seen or recognized. (1)