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dearth (s) (noun), dearths (pl)
1. A scarcity of something; such as, new ideas, job skills, financial aid, or food: During these financially hard times, there is a dearth of new jobs even for college graduates.
2. Lacking a sufficient supply; for example, of food that results in a famine: There is a growing dearth of rice in Asia.
3. An acute scarcity, shortage, paucity, deficiency, or an insufficient amount: There is a dearth of skilled workers in the area; especially, because there is a dearth of sufficient funds to pay them.

Since there is such a dearth of evidence, the court can't convict the accused person of the crime.

4. Etymology: from about 1250, derthe, "scarcity", abstract noun formed from the root of Old English deore, "precious, costly, dear".

Originally the sense of the Middle English word was used with reference to famine, when food was scarce and costly; but the word was extended to the meaning of "scarcity of anything" from about 1330.

Scarcity or an inadequate supply.
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Lacking sufficient funds.
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An inadequate supply or a scarcity of something. (2)