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dilettante (DIL i tahnt", dil" i TAHNT) (s) (noun), dilettantes, dilettanti (pl)
1. A dabbler in an art or a field of knowledge: Murray realized that he was still a dilettante and not a qualified professional cartoonist.
2. An amateur who engages in an activity without serious intentions and who pretends to have knowledge: You can always tell the difference between a true expert and a scientist who is a dilettante.
3. A person who shows frivolous or superficial interest: As a salesman, Erwin was still a dilettante because he really was not interested in that kind of work.
4. Etymology: from Italian, "lover of the arts", from present participle of dilettare, "to delight"; from Latin delectare, "to allure, to delight".
A person who has a branch of knowledge or art only for amusement or as a pastime.
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A superficial interest in artistic activities or a field of knowledge only for amusement. (1)