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doldrums (pl) (noun)
1. A feeling of depression, gloom or the blues: Sam has been in the doldrums since Corinne left town.
2. A state of stagnation, inactivity, or a lack of improvement: The company is still slowly climbing out of its economic doldrums.

The financial market is currently in the doldrums.

3. Usage note: Despite the fact that doldrums is plural in form, it is always used with a singular verb.
4. Etymology: originally it was part of the ocean near the equator where the winds are calm or dull, the dol- of doldrums comes from Old English dol, "dull", and the word seems to have been formed by a similarity with tantrum or "a display of unreasonable anger".
Inactivity, sluggishness, or a depression.
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State of listlessness, boredom, or dullness.
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A condition of depression and boredom; a lack of energy and a feeling of gloom. (2)