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ensconce (verb), ensconces; ensconced; ensconcing
1. To settle comfortably and safely: Shawn found his mother in the library, where she had ensconced herself in an armchair and was reading her favorite novel.
2. To cover or to shelter; to hide securely: Sean ensconced himself in the next room in order to eavesdrop on the conversation that was going on out in the hall.

To protect herself from pickpockets, Tamika ensconced her cellphone in her inside-zippered pocket so no one could take it.

3. Etymology: "to cover with a fort", from en- "make, put in" + sconce, "small fortification, a shelter"; probably from Dutch schans, "earthwork".
Dog is comfortable in the man's lap.
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To settle comfortably with someone.
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To settle with a family.
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To shelter or to hide.
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To settle securely, comfortably, or snugly; to shelter or to hide. (4)