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fickle (FIK uhl) (adjective), more fickle, most fickle
1. A reference to someone who is likely to change his or her mind without a good reason and without a warning; especially, in matters of loyalty, affection, or taste: Leo's fickle behavior is a disturbing point for his fiancée’s father.

When fickle people are enthusiastic about something on one day, and then the next day they decide that they don't care about it anymore, they are considered to be unreliable and untrustworthy.

Political candidates can be said to be fickle if they frequently change their positions on issues, which seems to happen quite often.

2. Characteristic of having one opinion now and then an opposite one for erratic or unstable reasons; especially, when something is often done inconsistently: Nolan blames poor sales for his business this month on fickle consumers who request that he obtain and have certain items available and then they never come back to buy them.
3. Relating to situations becoming suddenly different and unexpected: Sam was complaining about the fickle weather which was very pleasant in the morning and then quickly became stormy in the afternoon.
4. Etymology: from Middle English fikel, which came from Old English ficol, "deceitful, tricky".
Wavering and changing one's mind too often or not consistent in opinion or loyalty.
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Conveying inconsistency or changing one's mind for no logical reason. (1)