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furtive (adjective), more furtive, most furtive
1. A reference to being secret and trying to take actions to escape being noticed: Danny was sneaking furtive glances at his watch during the business conference to see how much longer he would have to sit there before he could go home.
2. Descriptive of someone who is sly, shifty, or stealthy: The man's furtive behavior at the bank apparently was enough to get the management to alert the police.

In New York City, there is a claim that at least half the stops and searches of blacks and Latinos by the police are done because of their "furtive movements" or behaviors.

3. Referring to covert or sneaky activities; especially, when a person, who is in the process of stealing, doesn't want to be caught: Debora was furtive as she engaged in her illegal activities of shoplifting in the store.
3. Etymology: derived from the Latin furtivus, "stolen" from furtum, "theft, secret action".
Pertaining to an attempt to do something secretly or in a sneaky way.
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Relating to being sly and stealthy.

Conveying a sneaky way of doing something.
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Relating to someone who is trying to avoid being noticed doing something that is illegal or criminal. (3)