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glib (GLIB) (adjective), glibber, glibbest
1. A reference to something which is said or done too easily or carelessly and showing little preparation or thought: The salesman had a glib answer for every question the customer asked him about the new clothing styles.

There are people who need to do more than simply provide some glib answers to difficult questions.

2. Relating to speaking in a smooth, easy way which is usually not sincere: There are just too many glib politicians who cause people to mistrust them.
3. Etymology: from Middle Low German glibberich, "slippery" and glib means being smooth or slippery in talk or manner than sincere.
Pertaining to being easy, shallow, and fluent in speech and writing, but not sincere.
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A reference to something that is done carelessly and with little or no preparation or without serious thoughts. (1)