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hackneyed (adjective), more hackneyed, most hackneyed
1. Pertaining to something that is not funny nor interesting anymore, because it is used so often that it is worn out and is too commonplace: Sometimes people use hackneyed words, phrases, jokes, or topics to such a degree that they are boring and of little interest for others who have to listen to them.
2. Etymology: A hack, "a taxicab or horse for hire" is a short form of hackney, "a type of horse-drawn carriage" once very frequently used as a taxicab.

The literary hack who does mediocre, or average quality writing, gets his or her name from the "horse", since both could be hired cheaply to do routine or common work.

A reference to being commonplace and worn out.
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Characteristic of being trite, overused, and too common.
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A reference to something that is too commonplace, trite, and worn out because of excessive usage. (2)