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harbinger (s) (noun), harbingers (pl)
1. Someone or something that warns about a future event: The warmer weather might be a harbinger that spring is finally coming.
2. Something that indicates or points out what is to come; a forerunner: The improvement in the company's sales is a harbinger of better economic conditions in Bruce's community.

Frost and the falling of leaves are harbingers of winter.

The completions of the objectives of the project are harbingers of better working conditions for the workers.

3. Etymology: from Middle English herbengar, "a person sent ahead to arrange lodgings", from Old French herbergeor, from herbergier, "to provide lodging for", from herberge, "lodging" or "army shelter" (from heri, "army" + berga, "shelter").
Something or a person who comes in advance to announce or to indicate that a situation is going to take place.
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A forerunner or sign giving notice of the arrival of something.
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An omen, sign, or a forerunner of the future.
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A warning, a sign, or an indication about something that will take place in the future. (3)