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hefty (HEF tee) (adjective), heftier; heftiest
1. Big and strong in physique: The gym trainer was the heftiest person Ingrid had ever seen.
2. Large and heavy to lift: Janette was about to carry a hefty load; so, Jim offered to help her.
3. Expensive as when involving a large sum of money: The new tractor for the farm carried a hefty price tag.
4. Delivered with or characterized by great force and power: The hefty winds from the hurricane blew the roof off the barn.
5. Requiring a lot of effort to do; strenuous: It takes some hefty strength to climb the mountains.
6. Much larger than is usual or required: The government declared that the financial debt would be a hefty sum.
A reference to being large, big, and powerful.
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Referring to a physique that is big and strong or relating to a cost that involves a much larger sum of money than is normal: (1)