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lambast (lam BAST), lambaste (lam BAYST) (verb); lambasts, lambastes; lambasted; lambasting
1. To criticize, to reprimand, or to berate someone or something very harshly; to censure; to excoriate; especially, in a newspaper article or a speech: The Japanese Prime Minister has been lambasted for his handling of the crises in Japan.

People wrote several letters lambasting the city council for voting to increase local taxes.

2. To assault violently; to beat with a cane, to whip: The victim of the assault on the street described her experience as having been lambasted and pushed to the ground by the man.
To violently assault or to beat; physically or verbally.
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To criticize, to berate, or to censure someone or something very strongly; to assault or to beat someone violently. (1)