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Lucullan, (looh KUHL uhn), Lucullean (looh kuh LEE uhn) (adjective); more Lucullan, more Lucullean; most Lucullan, most Lucullean
1. Descriptive of a meal that is very lavish and luxurious, an elegant meal that is "fit for the gods": To celebrate the end of the football season, Eleanor prepared a Lucullan feast for her husband and her sons, all of whom were avid couch potato football fans.
2. Etymology: This special Lucullan reference is derived from Lucius Licinius Lucullus (about 110-57 B.C.), a Roman general and politician who dedicated his later years to a very rich and elegant life with special emphasis on gourmet food and drinks of the highest degree of elegance or luxuriousness.
Lavish, rich, and luxurious.
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Conveying an extravagant banquet or meals named after Lucullan, a Roman counsel, who provided lavish and gourmet food and drinks for his guests. (1)