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macabre (muh KAH bruh, muh KAHB ruh, muhj KAH ber) (adjective), more macabre, most macabre
1. Descriptive of something or someone that is ghastly, gruesome, and horrible: The macabre story shown on TV about headless ghosts frightened Irene's children very much.
2. Etymology: from Old French danse macabre, "dance of death"; literally, "dance of the Maccabees". There is much that is macabre in the tale of the Maccabees.
Conveying gruesome and ghastly appearances.
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Tending to produce horror and gruesomeness in a person.
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Horrible and gruesome dramas about death.
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A reference to something or someone that is repulsive, hideous, frightful, and terrifying. (3)