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mayhem (s) (noun), mayhems (pl)
1. Absolute chaos or severe pandemonium: When the teacher left the room, there was mayhem in the class.
2. A situation of complete chaos and confusion: There was a lot of spirited mayhem on the streets after the football game.
3. Malicious injury that disfigures or disables a person; destruction by nature or someone: The mayhem which the mugging victim suffered left him feeling very insecure and afraid to go out on the streets for awhile.

The hurricane wreaked havoc and mayhem over a large part of the country.

4. Etymology: from 1472, which came from Anglo-French maihem, from Old French mahaigne, "injury"; related to mahaignier, "to maim".
A state of violet disorder or riotous and violent confusion.
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An infliction of severe harm and injury on a person.
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Considerable disruption, confusion, and violent disorder. (2)