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moot (MOOT) (adjective), more moot, most moot
1. Descriptive of something that is debatable, not certain, questionable, or is totally insignificant: During a lecture, a student asked the professor a moot question regarding what was on the last test, which the other students considered to be inappropriate at that time.

When it started to rain, it became a moot decision as to where Jim and his family would have their picnic .

2. Etymology: originally in Anglo Saxon days, a moot point was one which was talked about at a "meeting" because "meeting" is the original sense of the noun moot, a town meeting for purposes of debating and discussing issues.
Compiled from information provided by John Ayto
in the Dictionary of Word Origins; Arcade Publishing;
New York; 1990; page 354.
Open to question and debatable.
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A reference to an issue that is debatable, uncertain, or questionable. (1)