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buoyancy (BOI uhn see, BOO yuhn see) (s) (noun), buoyancies (pl)
1. The capability or tendency to stay afloat; as in a liquid, in the air, or in gas: The fisherman was testing his boat to see if its buoyancy was still sufficient.
2. A upward force that a fluid exerts on something that is less dense than itself: Rubber rafts have a buoyancy that allows people to float even when they can't swim.
3. An ability to recover quickly from undesirable situations; such as, a failure or a disappointment: Matt was a man of remarkable buoyancy even though he was losing money in the stock market.
4. Lightness of spirit; cheerfulness: Carl had a great deal of buoyancy when he found out that his brother was able to get a good job after graduating from the university.

The buoyancy of the elderly couple, who were celebrating their sixty-fifth wedding anniversary, was an indication that they were very happy.

The capability of floating as on water or in the air.
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The ability to float in the air or being happy.
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