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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

To keep someone from being successful by frustrating or preventing him or her from doing something. (1)
To arouse, to instigate, or to inflame discord or antagonism. (3)
To act in advance to prevent or to obstruct something from happening or to cause it to happen at some later time. (1)
A reference to an event that happens accidentally by luck or chance rather than being planned or expected. (3)
An outcome or result which was not expected. (1)
A noisy fight or an uproar involving a riotous brawl. (2)
Pertaining to being thrifty and not spending money unless it is really necessary. (3)
Referring to something that is shining brightly; which is dazzling or gleaming brilliantly. (1)
Flashing; similar to lightning. (2)
A description of sadness and mournfulness; pertaining to being dismal and gloomy. (2)
Referring to the bringing or prediction of death or evil; fatal; such as, the doctor made a funest diagnosis of the patient's heart condition. (1)
Very violent outbursts of anger; frenzy; a condition, or state, of intense excitement or activity. (1)
An outburst of public indignation; strong enthusiasm, or interest, followed with exaggerated zeal. (1)
Relating to someone who is trying to avoid being noticed doing something that is illegal or criminal. (3)
Descriptive of being incapable of producing any desired results, useless, unsuccessful; not worth attempting. (1)

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