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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

A reference to that which is described as a bargain, inexpensive, or cheap. (1)
To make an opponent lower in prestige, to humble or to humiliate him or her. (2)
To decrease the intensity of something or to moderate it; to suppress or to end that which is disturbing others. (1)
To renounce, to abandon, or to relinquish a high office, authority, throne, etc. (1)
To approve, to encourage, and to support; or to help someone commit a crime or to do something that is wrong. (1)
To disapprove of or to reject something very strongly; to recoil from; to shun or to loathe. (1)
To renounce, reject, or give up something by swearing or making an oath not to do it again. (2)
To deny and to reject something for oneself; to renounce, to give up. (2)
Descriptive of something that is very unpleasant, very repugnant, or offensive. (1)
To intensely disapprove of, to thoroughly detest, or to abhor someone or something. (2)
To produce by summarizing words from a larger publication into a condensed form; to cut shorter while maintaining the sense and substance of the written text. (1)
To annul or to abolish by authority; to cancel. (2)
A sudden and unexpected ending. (1)
To leave in a sudden and secret way; especially to avoid detection or capture by the police or other law officials. (3)
absolute (not comparable)
Unrestricted and total; not limited. (1)

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