Word Unit: The Origin of the Internet (Fiction or Non-Fiction? You decide.)
Word Unit: Theater Terms or Theatre Terms (theater as we know it was originated by the Greeks and many of their theatrical terms are still in use)
Word Unit: Thermometer and Temperature Scales (historical perspectives of thermoscopes to thermometers: Daniel Fahrenheit, Galileo Galilei, Anders Celsius, and Lord Kelvin; among others, were major contributors to temperature calculations as we know them today)
Word Unit: Time, Times, and More Times (time waits for no one; use it or lose it)
Word Unit: Traffic Safety Considerations (in 1946, an eighteen-year-old San Diego High School student wrote an essay in which he asked for plain courtesy when driving)
Word Unit: Translations of the “verba obscura” are located at this sesquipedalia page. (Sesquipedalia Verba or Sesquipedalians are references to the use of excessively long words)
Word Unit: triage (adjective) (not comparable) (Descriptive of the task of allocating and sorting: The triage nurse had many patients to categorise and group regarding their medical needs.)
Word Unit: -ude words (A family of words ending in -ude.)
Word Unit: Underlining (underlining as a punctuation mark)
Word Unit: Units of Special Compositions, Topics, or Subjects That Provide Special Information (knowledge about special topics that enhance a person's understanding about certain words)
Word Unit: verb (s), verbs (pl) (principal forms or tenses, functions, and conjugation formats)
Word Unit: vet-, vett- (to make a careful and critical examination of something or to investigate someone thoroughly)
Word Unit: Videos (Special presentations that will entertain you.)
Word Unit: Views of Nature (A visual presentation of various plants, animals, insects and other forms of life in their environments)
Word Unit: Vocabulary Quizzes to Enhance Your Word Knowledge (increase your vocabulary skills by practicing with these word challenges)
Word Unit: Word a Day Revisited Index of Cartoons Illustrating the Meanings of Words (as presented by Mickey Bach, the cartoonist who defined words with related illustrations)
Word Unit: Word Challenges (using definitions and a letter added to the beginning of the second word of two words with the same spellings will produce two completely different words)
Word Unit: Wordplay or A Play on Words, More Pun Fun (sentences that illustrate the manipulations of words with one meaning into different applications)
Word Unit: Words Are Obviously an Essential Form of Communication (words exist in all sizes and degrees of difficulty from numerous languages and English continues to churn out new words from the past and the present)
Word Unit: Words at Work in the Print Media: INDEX (words being used in news media headlines, subheadings, and excerpts from applicable articles with certain words being listed in bold and defined separately)