Word Unit: Metallurgy Topics or Metal Technology + (terms about the science and technology of metals and metal processing)
Word Unit: Meteorology or Weather Terms + (topics about the study of the complex motions and interactions of the atmosphere, including the observation of phenomena; such as, temperature, density, winds, clouds, and precipitation)
Word Unit: Mexican cartels moving north into the U.S. (the Mexican marijuana trade is more robust and brazen than ever before)
Word Unit: Mickey Bach's Word A Day Illustrations (an index of Mickey Bach cartoons)
Word Unit: mirth- (Middle English: pleasure, joy, laughter; pleasing, delightful; merry, merrily)
Word Unit: Miscellaneous Discoveries (composed of varied things or made up of many different things or kinds of things that have no necessary connection with each other; from Latin miscellaneus, from miscellus, "mixed"; and derived from miscere, "to mix")
Word Unit: Misleading Meanings of English Words (words that don't mean what they look like or what many people assume that they should mean)
Word Unit: More Mental Control and Development?
Yes, you can!
(the advantages of self determination in fulfilling your objectives and belief in your aspirations can improve your mental control and enhance your health)
Word Unit: New Words (these words have become a part of the English language over recent years)
Word Unit: Newsletters Index of Focusing on Words Contents (previously published list of Focusing on Words Newsletters)
Word Unit: noun (s), nouns (pl) (names of words)
Word Unit: Number Challenges (numerical fun is available for you here)
Word Unit: Oaf of Office (Old Norse: oaf, silly person)
Word Unit: Ocean and Deep Sea Terms (the study of the deep seas or oceans involves the abyss or the "deep seas" which cover almost two-thirds of the earth's surface; showing applicable scientific terminology in this unit)
Word Unit: Old Age (the challenges that face people in their later years)
Word Unit: Old Age, Get Ready for It (A few clips from Old Age Is Not for Sissies by Art Linkletter)
Word Unit: Parentheses as shown: (parentheses) (parentheses as punctuation marks)
Word Unit: Parts of Speech for Word Entries (grammatical forms including: nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, etc. that are used to identify word entries)
Word Unit: Period . (periods used as punctuation marks)
Word Unit: Philosophical Conceptions (a science that attempts to discover the fundamental principles of the sciences, the arts, and the world that the sciences and arts influence)