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gaucheness (s) (noun), gauchenesses (pl)
The lack of polite gestures and skills of interaction; in other words, having no sensitivity as to what is proper and appropriate in dealing with others, including not having the ability to speak or to act without offending other people: The gaucheness of the new guest surprised the other visitors, especially since the host was so polite and friendly.
gaucherie (s) (noun), gaucheries (pl)
1. A unacceptable behavior or manner in social situations: Some TV comedians have expressed gaucheries that have insulted some listeners who had complained and this resulted in the jokers being fired from their programs.
2. Etymology: from French gauche; literally, "left handed".
An awkward or tactless expression, manner, or action.
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germane (adjective), more germane, most germane
Pertaining to something that is relevant to a topic that is being discussed: Mrs. Smart always liked her students to ask germane or related and important questions so the lesson could proceed successfully.
Relating to being appropriate to what is being discussed.
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gibberish (JIB uhr ish) (s) (noun), gibberishes (pl)
1. Speech or writing that is incoherent, unintelligible, or meaningless: Mark’s little son, Tommy, started babbling a lot of gibberish, which his parents didn’t understand at all! 
2. Language or informal talking that is obscure or overly technical: Ted was so nervous of speaking in front of such a big audience that he started talking gibberish, which was very confusing and neither explicit nor understandable.
Chatter that is spoken in an incomprehensible or confusing way.
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Nonsensical or fast talking that can't be understood.
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giggle (s) (GIG uhl) (noun), giggles (GIG uhlz) (pl)
1. A short, high-pitched, spasmodic laugh: Trudy had an attack of the giggles after hearing how her friend got lost on his way to visit her.
2. A quiet laugh that is sometimes involuntary in a way that is characteristic of children: The people in the house could hear the giggles of the children who were playing in the back yard.
giggle (verb), giggles; giggled; giggling
1. To laugh with repeated short, high pitched, spasmodic sounds; especially, in a childish way, often at something silly: Harry's girlfriend giggled just like a little kid.
2. To laugh audibly with convulsive sounds, but not loudly, sometimes without meaning to or because of nervousness: Several people were all joking and giggling nervously as they were waiting for the ceremony to begin.
gigglossary (s) (noun), gigglossaries (pl)
A combination of the words giggle and glossary.

A word compiled by Chambers Harrap Publishers (publisher of The Chambers Dictionary) meaning, "a celebration of humorous definitions" which refers to a separate publication titled: Chambers gigglossary, the contents of which include:

  • Notable and quotable definitions by famous (and-not-so-famous) writers.
  • Selected humorous definitions from The Chambers Dictionary.
  • New witty definitions suggested by some of today's leading wordsmiths.
  • The funniest definitions from Chambers' online Gigglossary project [www.chambersharrap.co.uk].
gimmick (s) (noun), gimmicks (pl)
1. A method or system which is intended to trick, to deceive, or even to cheat someone: The free offer in the e-mail is a gimmick to get people to sign up for its mailing list.
2. A device or ploy that is intended to attract attention, publicity, or business: The proposal to cut income taxes is considered by some to be an election gimmick to win votes by politicians who are campaigning for office.
A trick or device to attract customers.
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gimmick (verb), gimmicks; gimmicked; gimmicking
To rig, to scheme, or to attract attention for business or for other reasons to make monetary gains or to achieve a purpose: The performer at the night club gimmicked his magical trick with a string that was not visible to the audience.

The restaurant sign was gimmicking people into believing that its prices were lower and so more attractive even though the quality of the food was not acceptable to most of those who ate there.

gimmicky (adjective), more gimmicky, most gimmicky
A reference to a method or process which is used to get people to notice something: The gimmicky advertisements made promises that attracted people; however, they were more talk than any expected results.
ginseng (JIN sing") (s) (noun), ginsengs (pl)
1. A Chinese herb with leaves and small greenish flowers and forked aromatic roots believed to have medicinal powers that many people believe gives them strength and energy: Maggie's friend told Norman that he can purchase ginseng at the local Asian market.
2. Etymology: from Chinese jen-shen. The first element means "man"; however, the meaning of the second is obscure of unclear.
glamp (verb), glamps; glamped; glamping
To go camping in comfort, style, or luxury: Some people are finding it possible to go glamping in an upscale camping style and still experience the outdoors in portable tents.
glamper (s) (noun), glampers (pl)
People who make camping a luxury and a comfortable experience: Some glampers have someone else to take care of their needs in state-of-the-art pre-erected tents and to turn down the beds for the glampers at night and make the beds again in the morning.

There is a trend among glampers who want to be in the wild but don't want to sleep on the ground, who don't want to be inconvenienced by having to get up in the dark to find the communal toilets, and don't want to cook over campfires.

glamping (s) (noun), glampings (pl)
That which is called boutique camping, luxury camping, posh camping, or comfy camping: Glampings make it possible for travelers to experience nature without the troubles of finding camping spaces, carrying their tents, and putting up and taking down their own tents.

Glamping is said to be a growing global trend that combines camping with the luxury and the comforts of a home or a good hotel.

glamping (adjective), more glamping, most glamping
A reference to state-of-the-art, upscale camping equipment that comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors; in other words, heavier on the glamor and lighter on the camping: Tent and lantern makers are providing what is considered upscale glamping equipment for those who want to have more comfortable and safer ways to go camping.

Lodgings at glamping sites include structures; such as, yurts (circular domed dwellings that are portable and self-supporting), tipis (portable shelters of canvas stretched over supporting poles and fastened to the ground with ropes and pegs), pods (enclosed cabins suspended from cables), bell tents, safari tents (double-roofed frame tents), tent cabins, and tree houses.

Some glamping sites offer amenities; such as, fresh bed linens, washrooms, food services, private verandas, and direct access to the great outdoors.

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